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Our Vision

To create happy and healthy dogs that stay strong for their sports, hikes and senior years using modern and user friendly dog training techniques.

Rebeccah Aube, CCUI, CCMP, CPCFT


Rebeccah took her first steps with a dog in “heel position." She grew up in a house full of Shetland Sheepdogs with a mom who loved to show in competitive obedience. It was a natural progression for Rebeccah to follow in her mother’s footsteps, working with two shelties and a collie in obedience before the age of 15. All three dogs held obedience titles in both the United States and Canada.

As a member of several different obedience/agility clubs and captain of the Flyball MAINEiacs, Rebeccah actively competes in both sports and coaches her flyball team. She also attends seminars and classes in order to stay up-to-date with the newest training methods and ideas.

Rebeccah’s training style is a blend of intuition and creativity which enables her to deliver uncomplicated and effective solutions. With a focus on reward-based training, she has a deep understanding of the dog/human bond and communicates clearly in both realms.  

Rebeccah is currently owned by 4 dogs, 2 borderxbeardie muppet mixes, and border colliexwhippet mix, and an Aussie. The dogs compete in flyball, obedience, disc dog, weight pull, and dock diving.

Education History

I have been in dog sports most of my life, primarily obedience and flyball, but have tried other sports too. My interest in canine fitness began 15 years ago with my West Highland White Terrier Alex. Not known for having a sporty physique, a Westie playing flyball was unique at the time. I was concerned his body would not be strong enough to keep up with the demand of his sport, so I started taking workshops with Debbie Torraca, a founder of canine fitness and a well-respected canine rehabilitation practitioner.

I began to teach a small group class to introduce dog owners to the idea that true fitness is different from the exercise dogs get from chasing a ball or swimming in a lake. Fitness is focused. Fitness targets and strengthens specifics parts of the body, conditioning it to meet the demands of performing a given dog sport. To equate it to human programs, it is weight training vs. aerobics class. Fitness vs. exercise. When Debbie offered me a chance to work with her directly, I jumped at the chance to be part of her certification program.

I love working with dogs of all ages in fitness. From watching puppies grow confident in their own bodies and discovering they have back feet, to focusing on specific needs for specific sports such as targeted fitness for agility dogs, to helping senior dogs stay not only physically strong but also mentally stimulated. Each experience is very rewarding to me.

In my quest for more knowledge about canine anatomy, I enrolled in a massage program. It was a grueling yearlong program with 12 hands-on labs and lectures, along with online classes in between, while I worked at my regular job. My single goal was to learn more about canine fitness, but I unexpectedly discovered that I love doing canine massage. Massage has become an intricate part of my fitness plans for my clients.

In 2023 I also completed the Certified Control Unleashed Instructor Program with Leslie McDevitt. CU has been game changer for all my training from sports, to puppies to fitness!

​Classes, Workshops & Seminars


2022 Control Unleashed Instructor Program


2022 Criss Cross: with Anne Andrle

2019 Great Big Aggressions Seminar with Chris Pachel and Mike Shikashio

2019 Emma Parsons Click to Calm

2019 Dr. Nicholas Dodman Canine Behavior

2019: Fenzi Camp

2018: Pat Hastings Structure in Action

2018 Bobbie Lyons: Fitness for Sport Dogs

2017 Hannah Brannigan: Ring Focus

2016 Bancroft School of Small Animal Massage: Certification (1 year program)

2015 FDSA CPCFT Trainer Series: Certification 24 week program

2015 Fenzi Camp

2013 Denise Fenzi: Personal Play, Ring Prep and Problem Solving

2013 Suzanne White: Herding Fundamentals

2012 Denise Fenzi: Drive and Motivation for Competitive Obedience

2011 Why Dogs Do What They Do
with Dr. Myrna Milani  

2010 Intro to Noseworks & Intro to Odor: Amy Herolt CPDT-KA & Jill Marie O’Brien, CPDT-KA


2009 Teaching a Reactive Dog Class: Emma Parsons, BA, APDT

2009 On Leash Reactivity in Dogs: Sarah Kalnajs, Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, Certified Pet Dog Trainer

2009 Canine Body Languageand Contextual Meanings Seminar: Sarah Kalnajs, Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, Certified Pet Dog Trainer

2009 Dog-Dog Aggression:Patricia McConnell, Ph.D, Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist with over 30 years experience.

2008 AKC Judges Seminar: Sponsored by Saccarappa Obedience Club

2008 Debunking the Dominance Myth: Jean Donaldson Author of many books, including #1 best seller "Culture Clash"

2008 Aggression and Canine Compulsion Disorders: Dr. Nicholas Dodman, world-renowned Veterinary Behaviorist.

2008 On the Ball: Debbie Gross-Saunders, Improve your Dog’s Core Strength, Balance, Flexibility, and Endurance

2007 Building a Better Boxturn: Lee & Angie Heighton, Springloaded Flyball

2005 Buliding a Faster Flyball Dog: Aaron & Kelly Robbins, Rocket Relay Flyball Team

2004 Getting Started in Rally-O: Tibby Chase, AKC judge

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