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Sporty Dog Day School

Sporty Dog Day School is a great way to get your puppy or adult dog started on the foundation skills needed for all sports!  We will work on body awareness, young puppies and dogs especially need to learn how to use their bodies and how they use the space they fill in the world. 

For any sport, there are basic foundation skills that all puppies and dogs should know. Solid foundation skills build reliable behaviors later. Agility, flyball, competitive obedience, disc, dock diving, and more.  


  • Stays

  • Being calm in an exciting environment (chill on your mat)

  • Ignoring other dogs and people (don't be an over-greeter!)

  • Excepting various surfaces (shiny, crinkly, moving)

  • Crate Games

  • Cone wraps

  • Toy play etiquette

  • & So much more!

What will their day look like:
  • 4-6 short training/play sessions

  • Crate rest between

  • Plenty of potty breaks

Puppies and dogs must complete one (1) paid evaluation day to be sure this is the right program for them.  From there you can purchase a package.

Packages include 1 private lesson for you to attend with your dog to learn how to implement or continue to teach new skills.

Drop-off is 8:30-9:30
Pick up 4:30 - 5:30

Space is limited to 3 dogs each Thursday.

Sporty Dog Day School is offered only on Thursdays

$65.00 per day

Packages available ($400)

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