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Power Up K9 offers a variety of services. You can read all about them here. If you are not sure what is the best option for you please email Rebeccah for assistance.  Please see our "book online" page to make an appointment.

Canine Massage

Perfect for puppies, athletes, weekend warriors, and seniors. 

Canine Treadmill

We offer both land treadmill and Underwater treadmill 

Sporty Dog  Day School

Day school program for puppies and dogs just getting started out in canine sports!

Canine Fitness

Structured fitness plans design for your dog for in-studio or at home.

Condtioning Swims

A great addition to your dogs fitness plan. Also great to teach dogs how to swim.

In-Home Boarding

Board your dog with Rebeccah over-night.


Power Up K9 offers classes on limited basis. Click here to see what going on now!

Control Unleashed

A unique program to help dogs learn about engagement & confidence
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