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Conditioning Swims and Swim Lessons

Benefits of Canine Swimming

Power Up K9 offers canine swim conditioning and swim lessons in the Happy Waves Pool!  This 12 x 24 heated pool is a great option in the winter.  Swimming year-round is also an excellent addition to any canine cross-training program.

A properly maintained swim program is generally safe for dogs. Relaxes muscle tension and spasms. Less concussion on the joints. Increases range of motion. Increase and maintains muscle strength.

Swims are 15-25 minutes depending on the dog. Most start with duration swims and as they get comfortable we begin to add props and new in water exercises.

We can also do intro swims for puppies and dogs that already like water but may not yet swim.  Note that dogs will never be tossed in or forced in the water.  Sometimes it takes 3-4 appts before they actually swim.

A waiver from your vet is required for ALL swim dogs. You can download that waiver here.

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At Happy Tails, Inc in Portland, Maine

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